Resilience is like that tiny grain of sand in your shoe. It persists no matter what! And even when it is removed, it does not lose its integrity nor its hope.

Pain = Learning….Really?

I remember the day I signed my first contract naming me as the new school principal. I can even put a number on it! I was so scared and excited, that I got a speeding ticket as I drove to the school office! $178 dollars.

From that moment onwards, my life changed. Suddenly, I was no longer the same person, but now viewed through a different lens, both by others and myself. It took me years to be comfortable enough to introduce myself as a principal – that was a position reserved for someone in authority, someone with wisdom, maturity, and reading glasses.

That first year was particularly challenging, on everyone. I know I rarely slept well, and it wasn’t until years later that a staff member forgave me for caring more about the product than the people. Ouch. Thus began my vocation to do anything in my power to help others not make the mistakes I made.