The top tier of the triangle is like the icing on the cake. It is the year-to-year school goals i.e. increased scores, implementing new initiatives, fundraising, etc. This is the easiest layer in some respects, as we can look to current trends for ideas.

Quick recap:

Our mission is the “why”, the triangle of school success, is the “what”.

Now for the “how”.

Just having these outcomes, while it makes success more likely, does not necessarily mean success is guaranteed within a reasonable time-frame. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, it is important to create and/or sustain an infrastructure that supports the values, dreams and goals of the community.

Partially because of my personal bias, but substantiated by years of experience and research, I have found music instruction, particularly violin lessons, to be most useful in modeling both the approach and the sought after outcomes.

Research indicates that quality music instruction within certain parameters, correlates with higher or improved social skills, emotional skills and academic abilities.

Thus, through conscientious music, students can learn to be kinder to one another and they can learn to better respect themselves and one another.

And, they can learn to be resilient learners – learning to overcome such debilitating challenges as anxiety, low self-confidence by practicing specific strategies so that no matter what challenges life throws at them, they have the skills to not only cope, but to overcome.

Isn’t that what education is really all about?!

Today’s goal: As I revisit the lives of some of the saints from a new perspective  – that of the lens provided by my school community, I thank you, Lord, for your graces you have bestowed on us!