The first day of any school year is, for a school administrator, strangely silent. Once the classes get underway, there is a calmness throughout the building, the fruit of much prior business. As a new administrator, I can remember feeling alone – kind of left-out actually.

I have been blessed to have had several great spiritual advisors throughout my journey. One in every “port”, so to speak. Msgr DuBois, my current SA, shared one of his favorite prayers by St. John Neuman with me, the essence being a petition for others to see not me, but God in all that I say, do, think and feel.

The concept of “nothingness” is powerful. In music, only seasoned performers appreciate the power of silence. In classrooms, teachers appreciate the power of pregnant pauses. In worship, silent reflection bears much fruit. A sabbatical from work…Holidays….etc. Silence is powerful.

Learn to embrace it!

The first day back to the new school year is the one day a school administrator can most assuredly stepout for prayers. What greater gift to a school community than the graces that come from heartfelt prayer?

Today’s goal: Is silence a part of my daily routine?