Remember your first year of teaching? How about the first year of college? Or the first year of marriage. Throughout life we undergo many “firsts”.

I remember my first year as an elementary school principal. At that point in my career I had had many successful years of both teaching and leadership experience, both in schools and in college. Yet, like every person who takes on a brand new role, nothing seemed to have prepared me for the moment I stepped into my new role.

Yet that moment is one to memorialize. That moment is the precise one at which we learn to trust in God. One of our brand new teachers starting her first week of school got through that moment recalling that “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called”.

As the Founder of Violins4Joy, a program that forms children into leaders through violin performance and leadership experiences, I thought you might appreciate knowing more of my personal experiences and my leadership philosophy. This blog is simply me sharing my stories and my thoughts.

May we all let go of our fears and worries and remember that God has a plan. Trust!

Today’s goal: To recall the “firsts” that most impacted our faith-journey and to thank God for them!